Comprehensive Approach to Mass Notification


When it comes to university campuses, nothing is more important than the safety of students, staff members, and visitors. In today’s world, higher educational institutions are facing a host of potential emergency and crisis situations that present several unique challenges in comparison to years past. Many different types of emergencies can happen in a split second.

Talkaphone’s WEBS® mass notification platform offers flexibility and scalability to send thousands of notifications almost instantaneously. Notifications can be sent to defined groups of recipients via phone call, SMS, email, Android/iPhone mobile app. The platform can also simultaneously send intelligible audio broadcasts to any WEBS-enabled device.

Recipients are able to respond to a mass notification by voice or by written message, providing real-time information to emergency responders. With multilingual text-to-speech support and easy to use template-based notifications, it is no wonder why Talkaphone has been the trusted, go-to industry source for more than 80 years.