Add either a flush mounted or surface mounted WaveSense to an existing IP Call Station. Compatible with VOIP-200, VOIP-500, and VOIP-600 Series IP Call Stations available for flush mount and surface mount call stations.

  • Deliberate gesture at the WaveSense unit triggers the IP Call Station to place a call
  • Audio and/or video (if available) provided by the IP Call Station to validate entry
  • Send DTMF remotely to output dry contact from IP Call Station to access control system
  • Provides visitors and staff a contactless, hygienic method to initiate communication
  • Initiate communication through deliberate gestures
  • For existing installations of IP Call Stations
  • Reduce bacterial and viral spread in high traffic applications
  • WaveSense utilizes infrared proximity sensor technology
  • Gesture detection range of 2.5 in. ±10%
  • IP66 ingress protection rating

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