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Mastering Points


Mount in combination with Talkaphone emergency phone and blue light Use at university and college campuses, parking facilities, shopping malls, medical centers ... read more

Single Button Native VoIP Assistance Phone

Model No: VOIP-500C

Intelligible audio paging, silent monitoring and advanced self-diagnostic and reporting features Configuration and firmware upgrades through Web GUI Supports ... read more

Surface Mount Accessory

Model No: ETP-SM-1

Durable housing for mounting a call station outdoors on a wall, pole, or kiosk Slim design hugs faceplate for optimal space saving 16GA (.0625 in.) stainless ... read more

Solar Powered Tower Mount

Model No: ETP-MT-Solar60

Solar system configuration options Constructed out of durable stainless steel Coating designed to resist extreme weather conditions Talkaphone’s ETP-MT-SOLAR60 ... read more

VIA™ Series Mass Transit Wall Mount AC-WM-6C

Model No: AC-WM-6C

The VIA™ Series mass transit wall mount (model AC-WM-6C) is an assistance request and communication point – “If you see something, say something.” This ... read more

VIA™ Series Access & Entry Wall Mount

Model No: AC-WM-3C3

The VIA™ Series access and entry communication wall mount (model AC-WM-3C3) is a connection point between you and the world- simply connect and communicate. ... read more

VIA™ Series Access & Courtesy Communication Pedestal AC-PM-4NCS

Model No: AC-PM-4NCS

The VIA™ Series access and courtesy communication pedestal (model AC-PM-4NCS) is a connection point between you and your destination. This stylized access ... read more