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Mastering Points

Single Button Native VoIP Assistance Phone

Model No: VOIP-500C

Intelligible audio paging, silent monitoring and advanced self-diagnostic and reporting features Configuration and firmware upgrades through Web GUI Supports ... read more

VIA™ Series Mass Transit Wall Mount AC-WM-6C

Model No: AC-WM-6C

The VIA™ Series mass transit wall mount (model AC-WM-6C) is an assistance request and communication point – “If you see something, say something.” This ... read more

VIA™ Series Access & Entry Wall Mount

Model No: AC-WM-3C3

The VIA™ Series access and entry communication wall mount (model AC-WM-3C3) is a connection point between you and the world- simply connect and communicate. ... read more

VIA™ Series Access & Courtesy Communication Pedestal AC-PM-4NCS

Model No: AC-PM-4NCS

The VIA™ Series access and courtesy communication pedestal (model AC-PM-4NCS) is a connection point between you and your destination. This stylized access ... read more

Surface Mount Accessory

Model No: ETP-SM-1

Durable housing for mounting a call station outdoors on a wall, pole, or kiosk Slim design hugs faceplate for optimal space saving 16GA (.0625 in.) stainless ... read more

Solar Powered Tower Mount

Model No: ETP-MT-Solar60

Solar system configuration options Constructed out of durable stainless steel Coating designed to resist extreme weather conditions Talkaphone’s ETP-MT-SOLAR60 ... read more


Mount in combination with Talkaphone emergency phone and blue light Use at university and college campuses, parking facilities, shopping malls, medical centers ... read more