WEBS Contact Plus™ makes it easy to send mass notifications through a wide range of media to defined groups of recipients and WEBS®-enabled devices. Recipients are able to receive notifications through various methods such as phone call, SMS (text message), email, and Android™/iPhone® mobile app.

WEBS Contact Plus is a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) mass notification solution that is reliable and scalable enough to send thousands of notifications around the world almost instantaneously. No installation of on-premise servers or applications is required.

In addition, WEBS Contact Plus provides easy-to-use template-based mass notifications, multilingual text-to-speech support, and accessibility via Web, email, or touch-tone phone.

Cascade notifications allows an alert to be sent, and based on the received responses, automate additional wider alerts, giving authorities greater control in managing situations. Recipients are able to respond by voice or by written message. These responses are displayed in real-time—providing critical information to emergency responders in a timely manner.

WEBS Contact Plus supports all standard notification and reporting features of the WEBS Contact® platform while arming organizations with numerous flexible features for a wide variety of communication needs.

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