• Notify large masses with an intelligent message
  • Used as part of the WEBS® system
  • Includes mounting arm for CCTV dome camera

Talkaphone’s WEBS-MT/R OP4 Emergency Phone Tower is an ideal security solution for remote and high-risk areas where the wide-area audio broadcast is desired. The unit can be used as part of the Talkaphone’s Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (WEBS®) to notify large masses of people of an event with an intelligent message.

An emergency call can be placed with a simple push of a button. At the same time, the always-lit LED blue light mounted atop the tower begins to flash, attracting attention to the location. The emergency phone faceplate is illuminated at all times for clear visibility during the night.

Talkaphone’s WEBS-MT/R OP4 Emergency Phone Tower includes an arm for mounting your own CCTV dome camera above the tower for general security surveillance and is often used at university and college campuses, parking facilities, shopping malls, medical centers, industrial campuses, and transit facilities.

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