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Palomar College

Palomar College

Executive Summary 

Palomar College is a two-year public college founded in 1946 and located in San Marcos, California. With 30,000 students enrolled at the school, campus police depend on Talkaphone solutions to help in their efforts to ensure the safety of all individuals on campus.


Palomar College was looking for a reliable security manufacturer to replace its outdated call boxes with reliable emergency communication solutions. With over 85 years of innovation and dedication to public safety, it was clear that Talkaphone was the right fit for the Palomar campus.

“We used to have blue boxes around the campus with analog phones. You would open a box, pick up the phone and call campus police. All of those got replaced with Talkaphone – either a wall mount or a tower. We needed to replace the aging infrastructure; there was no light on the boxes and you just had to know where they were. With the Talkaphone towers, there’s a bright blue light which clearly indicates there’s a communication mechanism to campus police. They also provide eyes for the police with the cameras on top.”

Mike Dimmick, Data Center Manager

Talkaphone’s towers and wall mounts are ideal for remote and high-risk areas. They are equipped with an always-lit LED Blue Light on top to provide visibility, and emergency calls can be placed with a simple push of a button. The presence of Talkaphone’s campus safety solutions gives students a sense of security, while the vandal-resistant material and serves as a deterrent to crime.

How Talkaphone Helped

Palomar College conducts an annual security report detailing crime statistics and important safety policies and procedures. The presence of Talkaphone towers and wall mounts is helping to achieve the Palomar College Police Department’s goal in creating a safe and secure campus while minimizing criminal activity.

“We have towers in the parking lots which have a camera on the front. This allows campus police additional visibility, for example, being able to see the person pushing the button,” says Dimmick.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Talkaphone offers a variety of emergency call stations that can be installed as part of an effective safety and security plan. The camera mounting options, mass notification capabilities, and the ability to integrate with existing systems surpass other manufacturers.

Data Center Manager, Mike Dimmick recalls that “We looked at a few different vendors when we upgraded our solutions. One of the key factors in choosing Talkaphone is that we needed a product that would integrate with our Cisco system. Also, we plan on incorporating mass notification in the future. We actually have one Talkaphone tower with the mass notification speakers on top - allowing us to do a proof of concept, which worked well. Some of the other vendors weren’t able to work as easily as Talkaphone did, with our system.”

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Aug 15, 2019