ETP-100/400 Series Emergency Phones

Can I start over from the factory settings?

There is no programming code that resets you phone to factory settings. You can perform a HARDWARE RESET.

  • a) Disconnect the phone from the phone line. This ensures no power is connected to the phone.
  • b) For indoor phones, remove the front panel by unscrewing the security screws using a #6 spanner or a #6 spanner key, or by simply removing the bolts depending on model. Outdoor phones either don’t require a spanner to disassemble or use a #10 spanner, depending on model.
  • c) Remove the back box by using a nut driver or socket.
  • d) Place the unit face down.
  • e) On the circuit board are four pins, their location varies with model. Three of the pins are covered, only one pin is visible. If you locate the mounting screw at the top left of the circuit board and move to the right about one inch you will see these pins on most models.
  • f) There are two jumpers in place on the pins. The pins are labeled “A” and “C”. One of the jumpers is only on a single pin. This is the “C” jumper. Remove this jumper.
  • g) Place the removed jumper across both “C” pins. At this moment, all four pins are covered.
  • h) Reconnect the phone line. Be careful not to touch any electronics inside the phone.
  • i) Press the call button on the front of the phone. Wait approximately 10 seconds. You may here some sounds from the speaker after you depress the call button, this is normal. The EEPROM is now reset to factory settings.
  • j) Disconnect the phone line. Remove the “C” jumper and return it to the way it was on just a single pin.
  • k) Reassemble the back box and cover plate.
  • l) You will have to reprogram the phone number(s) as well as any codes you programmed in the past.
My auxiliary devices will not activate when I press *25* or *28*

Is guard phone on a PBX that does not produce the necessary tones. Then try calling and activating the device from a standard phone line. Make sure the auxiliary devices are properly installed (see Hardware Installation, page 4 of the Emergency Phone Manual). You must press * then *4** before pressing *25* or *28* to activate your device (or, to disable this feature. see Security Codes, page 8 of the Emergency Phone Manual) . Or you may have to enter * before pressing *25*

How do I change the programming on an Emergency Phone when it is in “live” mode?

If you have programmed *78* into your phone, each subsequent time you call, the speaker and microphone on the unit will automatically be active. In order to enter programming mode (speaker and mic. will still be active, but quieter), hold down the * button for at least a second. You should hear one beep. Then enter your access code and begin programming as usual. (For more information see Speaker and Microphone Codes, page 9 of Emergency Phone Manual.)

Are the Emergency Phones powered by the EC-8?

Yes. For this reason it is imperative that you use some method to provide back-up power for your EC-8. Talkaphone offers a Model ETP-UPS for this purpose. There are many other UPS's commercially available. If you are going to use an alternative UPS to Talkaphone Model ETP-UPS, be sure that it has a wave form type of stepped approximation to a sine wave.

If I forget my Master Access Code, can Talkaphone get into my unit through a software “back door?”

We have no way of programming an alternate Guard Access Code if you have lost your Master Access Code. For this reason, you may not wish to change the default Master Access Code unless you absolutely must. All codes should be written down and stored in a secure location.

I programmed in a message for the “V” option, but all the guard hears is silence.

Your phone doesn't have the Intelli-Voice option (model number doesn't end in "V").

Does the phone remember its programming if I unplug it?

Yes. All memory is non-volatile and does not require a back-up battery.

How can I protect my Emergency Phone from lightning damage?
  1. All newer outdoor (400 Series) Emergency Phones have a green wire. Connect this wire to earth ground.
  2. We recommend grounding the Tower or other metal enclosure that houses your Emergency Phone. This can be done with a 10 foot grounding rod driven in the ground at each location. Make sure the grounding wire that connects the tower to the rod is heavy gauge like #6 and has no sharp bends.
  3. We recommend placing a gas discharge type phone line surge suppresser at each end of every phone line. This means one suppresser at each emergency phone and one suppresser where that phone line enters the building.

The ground rods are the ideal location to connect the ground lead of a surge suppresser. The surge suppressers must have a ground connection. Use a heavy gauge wire like #6 and avoid sharp bends in the wire. The surge suppressers that will go at the entry point into the building need to be grounded to the best earth ground you can find near that entry point.

My phone doesn’t have the ability to record a location identifier message. Can I get an upgrade?

Although existing units in the field cannot be upgraded with the "V" option, complete electronics modules (without faceplates) for every model are available with this feature. Call your distributor or Talkaphone's sales department for more information about purchasing a new unit with the "V" option, or replacing the electronics of your existing unit.

My Emergency Phone gets dialtone, dials and then hangs up.

There isn't enough power on the line (see Technical Requirements, page 3 of the Emergency Phone Manual).

The Intelli-Voice message begins playing before the guard answers the call.

The phone is calling a local extension off a PBX and the phone system is "answering" the call before transferring it. Try programming the phone to get an outside line and call directly. For more information, consult the party responsible for maintaining your phone system. The phone is programmed to call a number that then routes the call to another number. Try programming the phone to dial a number directly.

When the guard answers the phone he hears a series of tones before he can talk.

The phone is transmitting its unique ID. If you are using an EB-100, EB-200, or Talk-A-Lert to identify the location of incoming calls, these tones are required. If not, the code for disabling this feature is *49*.

My emergency phone does not hang up.

Is your phone on a PBX but not programmed properly (see PBX/Configuration Codes, page 11 of the Emergency Phone Manual). Is your phone on a PBX that doesn't provide a) a hang-up pulse and b) produces a re-order tone less than 30 seconds after hang-up. If so consult the party responsible for maintaining your phone system.

My unit does not function at all. I can not call it or call out on it.

Check to be sure the phone wire is properly connected. Make sure there is enough power on the line (see Technical Requirements, page 3 of the Emergency Phone Manual). Your unit may have been struck by lightning or another very high voltage source. Contact Talkaphone's Service Department.

I can hear the guard, but the guard cannot hear me.

If the phone is on a PBX check that it is programmed properly (see PBX/Configuration Codes, page 11 of the Emergency Phone Manual). Check to make sure your PBX "ringdown" line meets the power requirements (see Technical Requirements, page 3 of the Emergency Phone Manual). Is there some other device on the line (e.g. auto-dialer, fax machine, etc.) Is the phone programmed to play a message upon answering but no message has been recorded. The guard hears 10 seconds of silence before 2-way communication. The code for disabling this message is *70* (see Intelli-Voice Option Codes, page 9 of the Emergency Phone Manual).


The EC-8 will not accept my Access Code.

Are you using a touch-tone phone on a PBX that is not giving the EC-8 the appropriate tones. Or someone has changed the Access Code. You can reset all codes to factory default by entering *30*14725836* (see FAQ #4).

When the power goes out in the building the emergency phones do not work.

Purchase a UPS for your EC-8! The EC-8 supplies power to all connected emergency phones. Therefore, if the EC-8 loses power, the emergency phones will cease functioning. Talkaphone offers a model ETP-UPS. You may also find a UPS at your local electronics store. (For UPS requirements, see FAQ #7.)

I hear noise on the line.

If you are not using twisted, shielded wirethen fluorescent lights, elevator machinery and many other devices can produce noise on your wires if they are not properly twisted and shielded. (See separate FAQ for wiring requirements.)

My unit does not function at all. I can not call it or call out with it.

Make sure the power supply is properly connected (check the power LED) and the phone wires are properly connected. Is there enough power on the line (see Technical Requirements, page 3 of the EC-8 Manual). You may have accidentally plugged a PBX line or phone company line into the Local port. If so, contact Talkaphone technical support. Your unit may have been struck by lightning or another very high voltage source. Contact Talkaphone's Service Department.

When I call an Emergency Phone through the EC-8, I cannot communicate with the person at the other end.

The Emergency Phone was not programmed to automatically go "live" after being called. It is in programming mode. You can activate it for a single call or for all future calls by entering your guard code (*4**) followed by either *5* for a single call or *78* for all future calls. (See Emergency Phone Manual, page 9 for more information.)

The Local Phone rings briefly but then when I pick up I hear three beeps.

The Emergency/Information phone that called was not programmed with a phone number.

I am using an EC-8 Consolidator in “local” mode. What should I enter as the phone number?

You must enter a phone number (see Primary and Secondary Phone Number Codes, page 8 of Emergency Phone Manual) even though your Talkaphone unit is not using this number to connect to the local phone. We recommend using 7 digits so that the person originating the call will hear the familiar sound of a 7 digit phone number.

Does the EC-8 remember its programming if I unplug it?

Yes. All memory is non-volatile and does not require a back-up battery.

If I have more than one EC-8 can I connect them to the same phone line either in parallel or in series (using a “daisy chain”)?

Each EC-8 Consolidator requires its own phone line or local phone. (Exception: A 2-line local phone, connected to the LOCAL port will allow 2 EC-8’s to be connected in parallel.)

What kind of cable do I need to run from the Emergency Phones to my EC-8 Consolidator?

We strongly recommend twisted, shielded pairs with the shield connected to earth ground only at the EC-8 end. The resistance on the line is not to exceed 25 ohms.

My EC-8 is not at my desk where the calls come in. Is there a way to make the LED’s remote so I can see who is calling?

Although the LED’s cannot be made remote, Emergency/Information phones can be purchased with the "V" option which allows a location identifying message to be recorded into the phone. This message is then played as soon as the call is answered. This ensures that no matter what phone answers the call (local or remote) the location will be immediately announced. Another option is to purchase an EB-100 or EB-200 Base Station. These devices will display a 6 digit code (e.g. 122806 for 1228 Main St. 6th floor) as soon as the call has been answered.

If I made some mistakes during programming is there a way to reset the programming?

If you have forgotten your access code, you may reset the programming on your EC-8 to factory default by entering *30*14725836*. Note: you will NOT have to reprogram your individual Emergency/Information Phones.


A lot of my poll results seem to be bad.

In the poller preferences, under the Administration menu, reduce the Minimum Result Length to 8. Call the phones that are having problems. Do they answer with a series of tones? If not, there is problem with either the emergency phone, or the connection. Do you have the Verify Complete ID Match box checked for these phones? If so, uncheck it and press Save.

An alert window is not popping up when a call comes in.

If your base station is connected to the headset of the phone receiving incoming calls, try turning the volume up to make sure the base station hears the alert tones.

I can’t see anything in the Poll Results window, but I know I polled recently.

Check the Date Range in the Poll Results window. Change it to include today's date, then press the refresh button. Check the Poll Run Default Display Date Offsets in the General Preferences. Each time you restart Talk-A-Lert it resets the date range of the Poll Results window. If you don't restart, eventually the date ranges will need to be changed.

I can’t poll at all.

You may have a problem with your COM port. Make sure you have set the port in the poller preferences the same as the COM port in which you have installed your modem. Also make sure you don't have any other devices using the COM ports you have chosen. Even if you have removed another device, the COM port may still be set for the old device. Make sure your phone line is good. Plug a phone into the Phone jack of the modem and try to call the number you have entered in the Phone Number field of one of the phones. Make sure the Poller is on. Restart the programs after entering the phone data.

I forgot my password.

As a security measure, there is no back door entry into the program. Call Talkaphone Co. and ask for a Talk-A-Lert Specialist.

When I attempt to start any of the Talk-A-Lert programs, I get a window asking me to log in to SQLANY50.
Using Windows Explorer open the directory c:\talk-a-phone\database
  • If you see a file called "Talert.log", delete it.
  • If your database file has any name other than "talert.db", change it to "talert.db"
You may have a problem with the path statement in your autoexec.bat file. The path should include c:\talk-a-phone\sqlany50\win32 (if your hard drive is "c").