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When Every Second Counts

Protecting your students, visitors, and staff from the range of crimes that affect educational campuses is critical. School administrators are responsible for identifying and preparing for a variety of plausible crises, from natural disasters to active assailants. In addition to conducting drills that instruct students and staff on what to do in these scenarios, examining your campus’ emergency notification system and implementing effective, time-sensitive solutions can help communicate urgent messaging and directions when every second counts.

From video surveillance to audio communications, providing a multitude of ways for people to reach out in case of an emergency helps create a more secure campus environment so that learning comes first.

How Talkaphone Can Help

Creating a safe and secure environment for students, visitors, and staff relies on finding the right solution for your campus.

Talkaphone’s emergency notification systems and visitor management products provide campus security departments with reliable communication solutions to help meet all of the unique challenges that school administrators face. 

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