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Wireless Blue Light Phone Tower --
Configured Systems

Talkaphone's Wireless Blue Light Phone Tower solution is an ADA-compliant, outdoor-rated tower for remote areas. The Base Configuration is an ideal choice when voice communication, lighting and cellular status alerting are a priority. If video surveillance is important, the Advance Configuration can incorporate IP cameras while also offering enhanced monitoring and alerting capability.

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Solution Offerings


Base Configuration

Ideal for: 

  • Minimizing physical footprint (constrained by foundation)
  • Off-grid, standalone applications
  • When voice communication and lighting are a priority

Example Applications:

  • Walking trails
  • Parks
  • Rest areas
  • Remote surface parking lots


  • Monitoring and Alerting  [NEW]

    • Real-time email for:
      • Change in cellular connection (offline/online) 
      • Cellular gateway power status (solar battery bank fully discharged and running on reserve battery)
  • Solar Powered  [NEW]

    • Up to seven (7) days of autonomy

  • Call Station (ETP-500 Series)

    • ADA-compliant
    • Hands-free two-way communication
    • Ready to dial—no delayed dialing due to “sleep mode”
  • Autodial and Auto-Answer

    • Built-in auto-dialer can dial up to two (2) numbers.  If first number does not answer or is busy, dials second number.
    • Ability to play a prerecorded message with location information at the beginning of a call
    • Inbound calls are auto-answered—allowing for remote audio monitoring

Certified for AT&T:

  • Two-way voice communication (VoLTE)
  • 4G LTE connectivity 
Wireless Blue Light Phone Tower (Base Configuration) Datasheet
Advance WBLPT

Advance Configuration

Ideal for: 

  • Incorporating IP cameras
  • When automatic network failover is required
  • Off-grid, standalone applications
  • When video surveillance and voice communication are a priority

Example Applications: 

  • Areas where trenching is not feasible
    • Campus environments
    • Remote surface parking lots


  • Monitoring and Alerting  [NEW]

    • Real-time granular monitoring and email alerting provided by ECSM-1 software:
      • Call placed, connected, terminated, or failed
      • SIP registration
      • Power up
      • Network up/down (physical link)
      • Relay output activated or deactivated
      • Stuck button
      • Acoustic tone test for hands-free microphone/speaker
  • Call Station (VOIP-500 Series)

    • ADA-compliant
    • Hands-free two-way communication
    • Ready to dial—no delayed dialing due to “sleep mode”
  • Automatic Network Failover for Redundancy  [NEW]

    • Wi-Fi (STA mode)
    • Hardwired Ethernet (configurable WAN port)

Certified for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon:

  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • LTE Cat 4 (up to 150Mbps downlink, up to 50Mbps uplink)