Healthcare Security

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Keeping Patients and Staff Safe

Protecting the health and safety of patients, healthcare providers, and staff is a top priority in any hospital setting. Medical buildings, surgery centers, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities face many unique and challenging safety concerns. In most healthcare facilities where risk factors can be identified, these risks can be prevented or minimized if employers take appropriate precautions, such as implementing access control and mass notification systems as part of a holistic healthcare security solution.

The publication, Workplace Violence in Healthcare, by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, states that from 2002 to 2013, incidents of serious workplace violence were four times more common in healthcare than in the private sector on average.

How Talkaphone Can Help

Large healthcare campuses often have multiple buildings, multi-use facilities and parking structures that operate 24/7, making it challenging to find solutions to effectively build a safe and secure environment.

Talkaphone manufactures efficient and reliable ADA-compliant emergency communication solutions, video surveillance equipment, and access control systems that are ideal for hospitals to improve workplace safety, providing healthcare facilities with effective communication solutions to help meet the daily challenges they face.

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