Parking Structures

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Securing Life and Property

According to FBI’s most recent data, roughly 22 percent of all motor vehicle thefts occur in a parking lot and a vehicle is stolen from a parking lot every 23 seconds. Additionally, a report from The National Institute of Justice suggests that just under 10 percent of all U.S. violent crimes occur in parking lots. Many parking lots and garages come with a unique set of safety challenges, from dark stairwells and high walls to structural columns and multiple levels, which provide opportunities for criminal activity that can make the public vulnerable to robberies and attacks. 

As parking structures are often large, absent of many people and typically located far away from other buildings, ensuring the safety of visitors and providing them with help, access control and emergency communications solutions can be a challenge. Whether someone has a flat tire, is locked out of their vehicle, or is having a medical emergency, easily accessible and reliable communications solutions are a necessity.

How Talkaphone Can Help

Parking lot and garage security starts before cars enter the facility. From access control systems to blue light phones, providing reliable emergency communications is crucial to keeping visitors and their property safe.

Whether floor-mounted or wall-mounted, Talkaphone’s communications solutions work for all parking structures.

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