Area of Refuge - Over 32 Stations
Area of Refuge

Over 32 Stations

Over 32 Stations

Talkaphone's Area of Refuge (AOR) systems for over 32 stations provide two-way emergency communication from either an elevator landing or stairway to the fire command center.

These systems are fully compliant with the requirements of:

  • NFPA 72 (2016) §24.10
  • IBC (2018) §1009
  • ICC A117.1 (2017) Ch. 7
  • ADAAG (2010) Ch. 7

In compliance with these requirements, these systems automatically and continuously monitor for network pathway integrity between the IP Call Stations and IP Command Unit(s). If the network is down or if a network pathway is compromised, a contact closure is provided to an addressable fire panel.