Emergency Communication System Monitor

Emergency Communication System Monitor for Area of Refuge and Blue Light Phone Systems

The Emergency Communication System Monitor (ECSM-1) is a server-based application that monitors events on Area of Refuge Assistance Systems or IP-based Blue Light Phones.  The system provides timely alerts and information through:

  • Real-time monitoring of events through a web-based dashboard
  • Real-time alerting via email
  • Scheduled PDF reports

ECSM Diagram

Events Monitored for Each Type of System


Analog Area of Refuge

  • AOR-10-Fixed-Command-Unit
    Activation of any AOR station (does not identify individual station)

  • Opens/shorts on AOR station cabling (does not identify individual station)

  • 24VDC input power failure

  • Low battery (low voltage detected) or battery has been disconnected

  • System ground fault

IP Area of Refuge

  • Online/offline status of IP AOR Stations

  • Online/offline status of IP AOR Command Unit

Blue Light Phones

  • Call placed/failed/terminated

  • SIP registration

  • Power up

  • Network up/down (physical link)

  • Stuck button

  • Relay output activated/deactivated

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