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University of Missouri

University of Missouri


With over 29,000 students, the University of Missouri keeps campus security at the forefront of their safety initiatives. The University has had Talkaphone solutions deployed on campus for about 10 years and continues to expand and upgrade its emergency communication solutions.


When the University of Missouri initially reached out to Talkaphone, the school already had another brand of emergency communication equipment deployed on campus. However, the University had experienced multiple unit failures with the previous brand and sought a more dependable option – Talkaphone.


“It’s reliability and simplicity. Talkaphone is a more reliable system than the others we’ve had. It also helps that it allows very simple installation. A lot of our other phones took multiple devices to make the lights work. Talkaphone products are consistent and easy to use.”

– Mike Anderson, Telecom Infrastructure Engineer


Having 100 towers and 300 wall mount phones on campus, Talkaphone solutions are heavily deployed in parking garages on every floor and stairwell. Emergency phones are also found at the entry of residential halls providing building access control, along with towers throughout campus that deter crime with its presence.

“Without a doubt, safety is a priority on our campus and that’s our mission, to provide a safe and secure learning environment. With our expansion, we now have three different substations that our officers can work out of. Talkaphone’s emergency phones are a spoke in the wheel that enhances our efforts to ensure campus safety.” – Doug Schwandt, Chief of Police


As they conduct their twice a year safety initiative walks with the student association, Schwandt highlights that they, “Walk the whole campus at night looking for areas that might need enhanced lighting or another emergency phone.”

With monthly checks conducted by the University’s Police Department, a report is generated highlighting which units need to be repaired or replaced. Every time the University has a previous unit fail or need additional coverage, they trust Talkaphone first. 

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Jun 25, 2019