Jacksonville's People Mover

Talkaphone has provided ADA compliant hands-free emergency phones for Mass Transit and People Mover systems, as well as a wide variety of related applications. In addition to our standard products from our very large product line, we are also able to provide custom products such as special faceplates, custom signage and labeling, etc.

For example, Talkaphone provided Emergency Phones for on-board the people mover system in Jacksonville, Florida. In that application, there is a Talkaphone Emergency Phone in each of the three cars of each train. The Phones are connected to a Talkaphone Model EC-8 Consolidator, which is turn connects to our Cellular Interface. A passenger desiring to contact the security office simply pushes the button on the Emergency Phone which automatically places a cellular telephone call through the Cellular Interface. The security office can speak with the passenger without the passenger having to push any buttons whatsoever. In addition, should the security office want to call the car it can easily do so, with the passengers answering totally hands free. The phones have the ability to automatically transmit a pre-recorded location identifier message which tells security the identification number of the car and train.

Talkaphone also manufacturers ADA complaint Hands-Free Emergency Phones for Passenger Stations. A variety of solutions for this communication problem are available. The Chicago Transit Authority installed Talkaphone’s Pedestal Mounts with ADA compliant Emergency/Information Phones at the stations of the recently rehabilitated Green line. These units are mounted on the Mass Transit platforms to enable customers having a problem to immediately contact CTA security.

In other parts of the CTA system Talkaphone has supplied ADA Emergency Phones that are also equipped with standard 12-button telephone keypads. One can press a button to get a dial tone and then dial any phone number that the line one is given will allow. These units are housed in a stainless steel wall mount unit that includes a blue light and strobe. The blue light is on at all times. When the emergency button is pressed, the blue lights begin to strobe.

In Atlanta International Airport, Talkaphone has over 170 Emergency Phones that are all managed by our Talk-A-Lert Diagnostic and Base Station software. This exclusive hardware/software package reduces extensive foot patrols and provides a higher level of system assurance by automatically polling the emergency phones at pre-programmed intervals to verify the integrity of telephone lines and functioning of the emergency phones. In addition, it allows a security office to immediately pinpoint the exact location of an incoming emergency call by displaying an alert screen on a non-dedicated computer. Detailed management reports can show operator response time, call history and other critical information.

O’hare International Airport has installed Talkaphone Tower Emergency Phones as a way of both deterring crime and protecting the public. The towers are 9 1/2 feet tall and constructed of 1/4″ steel. They are equipped with a blue/light strobe and can be painted in a variety of colors with customized lettering. In addition, optional fixed or dome CCTV is available.

Talkaphone Map Mount is also a popular product for Mass Transit areas. Any of our Emergency/Customer Service ADA-compliant hands-free phones mounts below a large polycarbonate-protected displays which houses a map or other location information.