Talkaphone Fixed Station Analog Area of Refuge System


Regulatory Code Compliance

Talkaphone’s team of life safety experts are here to assist with your code-compliant projects. Members of the Talkaphone team will help you from start to finish to ensure you are getting the best two-way communication solution that your project requires. Our Analog Area of Refuge System is fully compliant with IBC, ADAAG, ICC A117.1 Ch. 7, and NFPA 72 and can be configured to meet other local codes.



Accommodates up to five (5) Area of Refuge Stations


Accommodates up to (10) Area of Refuge Stations

Fixed Station Analog Area of Refuge Command Units

  • Automatically and continuously supervises for integrity (opens, shorts, and system ground fault), low battery backup, and 24VDC input power fail—alerts by relay output to an addressable fire panel, LED, and sounder

  • On-site calling requires no outside phone line

  • Off-site calling requires one (1) analog phone line (PSTN line)

  • Solid LED indicates active call. Flashing LEDs indicate stations that are waiting to be answered. When first call is completed, second call is automatically placed and Command Unit rings. Multiple calls are placed in queue on a “first-in, first-out (FIFO)” basis.



An Area of Refuge must be clearly indicated with signage designating the space as an "Area of Refuge" or "Area of Rescue Assistance.”


CI/CIC Cabling

Comtran, located in Attleboro, MA, is a leading provider of circuit integrity cable for Area of Refuge systems.


System Builder

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