CSU emergency telephone towers get makeover for safety

CSU emergency telephone towers get makeover for safety

Nov 29, 2001 | Post by Talkaphone

The 54 emergency telephone towers on Columbus State University’s campuses will be hard to miss after getting their makeover this summer.

CSU Police are working to keep their main campus and RiverPark campus safer by updating the towers them with eye-catching patterns chosen by a CSU student vote.

“The new markings are intended to stand out so anyone who needs assistance can easily find them” CSU Police Lt. Jeremy Reddish said.

The emergency phone network provides students, employees and visitors with instant access to University Police. At the push of a button, callers are immediately connected to a police dispatcher at the department’s headquarters.

Upon receiving an emergency phone call from one of the towers, a dispatcher can pinpoint the caller’s location and send police assistance. The dispatcher is also able to maintain continuous communication with the caller until police arrive.

University Police personnel perform routine checks to ensure the phones are operational. The towers are located in parking lots and garages, along primary sidewalks and other strategic areas.

Story posted by WTVM. See the full article here.