Staying Safe During Winter Travels
Staying Safe During Winter Travels

Staying Safe During Winter Travels

Dec 12, 2019 | Post by Meghan Minnella


Securing Mass Transit Environments

Staying safe while traveling this season can be challenging with the millions of people on the road. Due to the influx of people on the road during this time of year, many choose to utilize public transportation. With travelers heading to airports and mass transit facilities, safety and security measures are at the forefront of facility managers’ minds. It’s important for personnel to consider all environments throughout an airport or train station to ensure the safety and protection of all visitors.

Talkaphone offers more than emergency communication solutions, we empower people to make a difference. Emergency communication systems enable travelers and transit personnel to respond to emergency situations and provide passengers with a way to effectively report problems and receive critical information.


Layered Security Approach

1.) Platforms
Talkaphone call stations support two-way communication and encourage travelers to report suspicious or emergency information on the train platforms. Our call stations are constructed of weather-resistant stainless steel with the option to choose an analog or VoIP phone. Our blue light towers and wall mounts offer an effective way to improve a commuter’s safety by ensuring all platforms are connected with emergency personnel. Many Talkaphone communication solutions also include optional video surveillance to track and monitor activity on platforms.

2.) Parking Structures
Having a gooseneck pedestal for two-way communication allows the gate operator to assist drivers with any issues and regulate access to the parking lot or garage. Talkaphone also offers a free-standing pedestal mount that can easily mount any of our ETP-500, VOIP-500, or VOIP-600 series phones into a concrete foundation. Our vandal-resistant solutions are also equipped with an illuminated faceplate, perfect for parking garages.

3.) Restricted Areas
Having an effective access control system can minimize unauthorized visitors and deter criminal activity. Talkaphone’s reliable access control systems have a card reader attached to the call station allowing only specific individuals access to secure areas of the train station or airport.

Talkaphone Emergency Communication Solutions

Frequently, the most challenging part of a mass transit project is integrating new technology with the train station or airport’s existing systems. Talkaphone’s large product offering provides airport and mass transit security departments with effective communication solutions to relieve these challenges. Travelers in need of assistance can rely on Talkaphone emergency communication phones to report suspicious activity, request towing and vehicle assistance, or alert authorities of an emergency.

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