Mass Notification Systems in Schools
Mass Notification Systems in Schools

Mass Notification Systems in Schools

Jul 08, 2019 | Post by Meghan Minnella

School administrators must regularly interact with parents and students, sharing the latest announcements and updates when something out of the ordinary occurs. With so many different communication methods being used today, it is required to compose different messages for email, text, and voice messaging. In a school setting, mass notification systems can often be implemented for day-to-day use. Using a mass notification system for everyday applications can provide value for school boards and administrators.

Routine Mass Notification Applications Include:

  • Registration deadlines
  • Payment reminders
  • Attendance notifications
  • School closure updates
  • Event cancellations

Unfortunately, these notifications become more complex when dealing with an emergency situation. Schools are supposed to be a safe place, but regrettably, natural disasters and school shootings are real threats that require a prompt, well-organized response. An emergency communication system is a crucial tool to keep students and faculty safe during these types of events. Talkaphone offers several mass notification systems appropriate for K-12 schools that can be installed at strategic locations across the campus. Many of Talkaphone’s security solutions also align with the tiers listed in the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools Safety and Security Guidelines. These security measures are recommended for school safety best practices. 

The transition from analog to IP in emergency communication and mass notification allows systems to be easily integrated with other devices, such as cameras and card readers to create a unified system. Talkaphone’s WEBS (Wide Area Emergency Broadcast System) uses intelligent messaging to contact a large mass of people across multiple communications channels including email, mobile and landline phones, SMS text messaging, fax, mobile apps, TTY, VOIP-500 and VOIP-600 Series IP Call Station, and WEBS-enabled devices. Multilingual text-to-speech is also supported by this solution.

From routine messaging to emergency notifications, mass notifications systems in schools play an important role in keeping everyone informed and helping students, teachers, and staff get out of harm’s way.  Want more info? Call (773) 539-1100 or email us at

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