Talkaphone’s Call Box Installation Featured in SD&I Magazine
Talkaphone’s Call Box Installation Featured in SD&I Magazine

Talkaphone’s Call Box Installation Featured in SD&I Magazine

Nov 29, 2001 | Post by Talkaphone

Colleges across the country have stepped up their safety and security initiatives in the wake of recent mass shootings and tragedies. Campuses large and small have re-worked their security infrastructure and upgraded old and antiquated equipment. Louisburg College, located in Louisburg, North Carolina, has had great success with their transition to an updated security infrastructure.

Over the past several years Louisburg College has grown to nearly 700 students and 150 employees. The college has 37 buildings including 7 residential facilities spread out across a large area. As the college steadily grew there were discussions about improving safety and security on campus. Jeffery Linney, the Louisburg College Chief of Campus Safety and Police, was charged with improving the campus’s security systems and technology.

Originally installed at the college were several styles of call boxes and wall mounted emergency phones. Each unit was so old and outdated that the companies who made them were no longer in business or ceased making the phones. Additionally, there was a lack of emergency phones in open and remote areas.

“We wanted to update our security infrastructure by updating our phones and specifically adding towers,” said Mr. Linney. “We wanted one emergency phone tower centrally located in a high traffic area as well as multiple wall mounted units added to our three newly remodeled residence halls.”

After some research Mr. Linney set up a meeting with Talkaphone Company to discuss options. Talkaphone arrived shortly thereafter with their demo van. Mr. Linney said, “Talkaphone came with their demonstration van and showed us some cool things. They set up a tower and set off an alarm that was very impressive. We ended up going with Talkaphone and were excited about the possibilities the phones provided to enhance our capabilities on campus.”

The phones were installed across campus and Mr. Linney quickly started to see their effects. Mr. Linney said, “We had an activation yesterday. Our officers were dispatched and we were able to address the situation. There is no place we can’t be within a minute or two if a callbox is activated. They make our job easier and I think the units have given the students an increased sense of security.”

The wall mounts and tower have been so well received by students and parents, the Louisburg admissions department has made them a key focus on tours.

Overall, the new emergency phones at Louisburg College have been a great success. They have made students, faculty, and visitors alike feel safer. Mr. Linney said, “Everyone has been happy with the presence of these units on campus. I have no complaints about Talkaphone and I’m happy they’re here.”

This article originally appeared in the November 2012 issue of the SD&I magazine, by Deborah O’Mara.