Safety Solutions for Airports


With millions of travelers taking to our nation’s airports and mass transit facilities each year, safety and security is among the most important and scrutinized elements of any facility’s infrastructure. Not only must personnel provide for the safety and protection of travelers within the terminal, but they also must account for incidents at various, and often remote, parking facilities. Emergency communication systems can assist in our nation’s post 9-11 airport and mass transit security initiatives as well as enable travelers and transit personnel to respond to medical and personal emergencies.

People Mover, Mass Transit and Platform Solutions

People Mover systems at airports, urban light rail systems, as well as subway and elevated platforms, provide riders with a way to quickly and easily report problems and obtain information. Talkaphone People Mover and Platform Solutions—with choice of analog and native Voice over IP emergency communication solutions—offer a quick and reliable way to improve commuter’s safety.

How Talkaphone Can Help

Talkaphone’s wide variety of ADA-compliant, hands-free emergency communication systems provide airport and mass transit security departments effective communication solutions to help meet these challenges. Travelers in need of assistance at remote parking facilities can rely on Talkaphone emergency communication and information phones to report misplaced or stolen vehicles, request towing or minor maintenance assistance (i.e., dead battery, flat tire) as well as to report a medical emergency or even suspicious activity.