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Security Solutions for Corporate Facilities


Corporate facilities are facing many security concerns in today’s dynamic environment. Security directors must not only protect building’s critical infrastructure, but also its employees and visitors. Emergency preparedness plan must include clear instructions how to react in case of emergency and what actions should be taken. Emergency communications plays an important role in this process. And while the technology has been around for a long time, recent push towards IP migration has truly inspired innovation in this arena.

As facilities are going IP for building-wide use, it becomes economical to install VoIP Emergency Phones in hallways, stairwells and elevators. Typical handset phones are also non-compliant according to ADA regulations. Talkaphone makes the upgrade process easy.

How Talkaphone Can Help

Talkaphone provides a wide variety of emergency communications and mass notification products, including our native Voice over IP line of products:

  • Voice over IP Emergency Communications Phones
  • Voice over IP Area of Rescue Stations
  • Signage and Paging Devices
  • Mass Notification Solutions

Contact Talkaphone to find the right solution for your facility needs or request a demo visit to see our products in action!