Security Solutions for Shopping Malls


As public venues with high traffic volumes, shopping malls and retail centers face multiple security concerns, particularly theft and safety regarding shoppers and employees. To that end, shopping mall and retail security personnel must be able to effectively respond to activities such as minor medical emergencies, lost children, shopper altercations and even homeland security issues. Talkaphone’s wide variety of ADA-compliant, hands-free emergency communication systems provide shopping mall and retail center security departments effective communication solutions to help meet these challenges.

Talkaphone emergency communication phones are designed to provide the highest level of flexibility, reliability and performance, offering those in distress a one-touch connection to security personnel. Whether the emergency phone is located inside a building or in a parking facility, the one-touch button quickly relays the location of the call and opens a two-way communication link with security personnel. This link provides security personnel the ability to gather sufficient information to respond appropriately to each distress situation.