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Talk-A-Lert Polling and Call Identification System for Analog Call Stations


Talk-A-Lert Polling and Call Identification System for Analog Call Stations

Talk-A-Lert® is a hardware/software package that automatically tests ETP-100 Series and ETP-400 Series Emergency Phones and phone lines. It also serves as a base station, displaying calling location, instructions and other information for incoming emergency phone calls.

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Features and Benefits

  • Contact us for a free demo CD!
  • Operates on Microsoft Windows XP and 7
  • Dedicated computer is NOT required
  • Emergency window shows exact location of incoming call plus any other critical information
  • Remote operation enables many sites to be maintained from one location
  • All polling and incoming call information is stored permanently
  • Many detailed management reports available, including individual phone polling history incoming call summary, more
  • Automatically polls emergency phones up to once per minute (average poll time is 30 sec.)
  • Poll all phones at any time by pressing one button
  • Admin user may assign different authorization levels
  • Incoming calls and unsuccessful polls optionally trigger alarm sound
  • Capable of sending alarm events to Lenel OnGuard Alarm Monitoring software to automatically activate CCTV, GUI alerts, and other functions (Lenel OnGuard and Talkaphone Intercom License for Lenel OnGuard are required. Software and license are available and sold separately by Lenel Systems, International.)

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