Indoor-rated Analog Call Station with


Indoor-rated Analog Call Station with "EMERGENCY" Button/Signage and Relay Output

 THE ETP-120 Series is an indoor, hands-free analog Call Station for use in locations such as elevators, stairwells, indoor controlled access areas, senior citizen housing, and correctional facilities.

Features and Benefits

  • ADA-compliant "EMERGENCY" signage (raised letter and braille)
  • "EMERGENCY" button can auto-dial up to five (5) phone numbers: if first number doesn't answer or is busy, dials next number
  • Push button once to call, then speak hands-free
  • Vandal resistant stainless steel faceplate and metal button
  • IP66 water resistant construction
  • Stainless steel metal button designed for long lasting usage and weather exposure
  • Two (2) LED indicators for hearing impaired (labeled "CALLING" and "ANSWERED")
  • Operates on standard analog phone line or PBX extension for communication and function
  • Phone line powered—no power supply or battery backup required
  • Auto-answer allows an attendant to monitor and initiate calls with the unit
  • Ability to automatically identify to the attendant the location of calling unit via a pre-recorded message
  • One (1) built-in relay input to integrate with a device such as a vehicle detector
  • One (1) built-in relay output to integrate with CCTV, Blue Light, and other devices