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Pedestal Mount


Pedestal Mount

  • Mounts into a concrete foundation
  • The faceplate is illuminated at all times by a LED panel light
  • Constructed of vandal resistant 1/4-inch steel

Free-standing Pedestal Mount allows an Emergency/Information phone to be mounted practically anywhere. Pedestal mounts are used for access control, mass transit, door/gate entry, and other locations.

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Features and Benefits

  • Constructed of vandal-resistant 1/4" steel with slanted top
  • Pedestal features 2-inch radius corners, offering contemporary architectural styling
  • Easily mount any ETP-500 Series, VOIP-500 Series, or VOIP-600 Series Talkaphone emergency/information phone
  • Emergency phone faceplate is illuminated at all times by an LED panel light
  • A variety of signage, graphics and color choices are available

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