Area of Refuge 32-Station Analog Command Unit


Area of Refuge 32-Station Analog Command Unit

The information on this page applies only to Revision 2.0 of the AOR-8 / AOR-16 / AOR-24 / AOR-32 models.  For Revision 1.0 documentation, please visit:

Area of Refuge/Rescue (AOR) Command Unit (model AOR-32) is part of Talkaphone's total AOR solution that:

  • Accommodates up to 32 Area of Refuge stations
  • AOR stations are powered by the command unit
  • Command unit can route an emergency phone call to a 911 center or other constantly attended location

Features and Benefits

  • Fully compliant with the IBC §1007, ADAAG §7, ICC A117.1 Ch. 7, and NFPA 72 §24.10
  • Accommodates up to 32 ADA compliant Area of Refuge stations
  • Stations are powered by command unit
  • LEDs on command unit indicate calling station and line status
  • Includes hardware to detect short/open conditions on cabling for each Area of Refuge station.  With this update, the system will also recognize a general ground fault condition.  Such trouble conditions will be annunciated and visually indicated at the AOR Series Command Unit.
  • On-site calling requires no outside phone lines
  • Off-site calling requires only one phone line for each bank of 8 AOR Stations (AOR-32 requires 4 phone lines)
  • Blinking LEDs indicate stations that are waiting to be answered. When the first call is completed, 2nd call is automatically placed, phone rings and strobe/siren is activated
  • Siren is activated when emergency call is first detected, shuts off when call has been answered
  • Strobe is activated when emergency call is first detected and remains active for duration of call
  • Built-in UPS provides 4-hour power backup in case of power failure
  • Includes built-in phone