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Area of Rescue 160-Station IP Command Unit


Area of Rescue 160-Station IP Command Unit

The AOR-IP-160 Command Unit is an IP-based system accommodating up to 160 ADA-compliant area of rescue IP call stations. The system offers the capability for multiple IP command units, on-and off-premise communication, and IP network supervision.

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Features and Benefits

  • Area of Rescue IP Command Units are fully compliant with IBC (2015) ĺ¤1009, ADAAG ĺ¤7, ICC A117.1 Ch. 7, and NFPA 72 (2016) ĺ¤24.10.
  • An ideal solution for new construction, rehabilitation, redevelopment, or modernization (i.e., infrastructure upgrade) projects
  • Supports up to 160 ADA compliant area of rescue stations
  • Supports multiple on-premise answering points (i.e. command units)
  • Supports off-site communication to a central monitoring station, a communications center, or 911 (requires analog trunk line or SIP trunk)
  • Supports up to four (4) analog trunk (PSTN) lines or up to fifty (50) SIP trunk accounts (requires SIP service and Internet connectivity provided by others) for off-site communication
  • Connect IP Call Stations, IP Command Units, and IP Supervisor to a Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Available IP Supervisor automatically and continuously monitors for network pathway integrity between the IP Call Stations and IP Command Unit(s).  If the network is down or if a network pathway is compromised, a contact closure is provided.
  • IP Command Unit provides both an LCD and keys with LEDs to indicate IP Call Station line status (i.e. idle, ringing, or busy)
  • Included Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides power backup in the event of a power source failure
  • IP Command Unit can be either surface or flush-mounted.  Optional trim ring is available.

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