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Wireless/Solar Ready Radius Blue Light Tower


Wireless/Solar Ready Radius Blue Light Tower

Talkaphone's ETP-MT/R-SOLAR Emergency Phone Tower is an ideal security solution for remote and high-risk areas. Standing over nine feet tall, this vandal-resistant tower serves as a great deterrent to crime. An always-lit LED Blue Light mounted atop the tower provides high visibility and gives passers-by a sense of security. Patrons can call emergency personnel with a simple push of a button. At the same time, the LED Blue Light begins to flash, attracting attention to the location. The Emergency Phone faceplate is illuminated at all times for clear visibility during the night.

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Features and Benefits

  • Accommodates standard solar panels, charging controller, and batteries provided by Talkaphone (sized according to the installation location)
  • Attention-getting LED Blue Light is included and mounted atop the unit
  • The LED Blue Light is continuously lit and flashes for duration of a call when the Call Station is pressed to draw attention to the unit
  • LED Blue Light is housed in a protective polycarbonate housing
  • Call Station faceplate is illuminated at all times by an LED Panel Light
  • Vandal-resistant structure and coating designed to resist extreme weather conditions
  • A variety of signage, graphics, and color choices are available
  • ADA-compliant

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