Radius Blue Light Phone Tower with WEBS® and Camera Mounting Arm


Radius Blue Light Phone Tower with WEBS® and Camera Mounting Arm

  • Includes camera mounting arm for an over camera (provided by others)
  • Notify large masses with an intelligent message
  • Used as part of the WEBS®

Talkaphone's WEBS-MT/R-OP4 Blue Light Phone Tower is an ideal security solution for remote and high-risk areas where the wide-area audio broadcast is desired. The unit can be used as part of the Talkaphone's Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (WEBS®) to notify large masses of people of an event with an intelligent message.

Features and Benefits

  • Overhead camera can be installed on the camera mounting arm above the tower—providing an attendant situational awareness
  • Includes 1.5-inch NPT camera mount
  • Send live and prerecorded audio messages via line level audio or through a VOIP-500/VOIP-600 Series IP Call Station
  • Concealed high-power speakers provide 360-degree coverage
  • Separate volume controls for each direction
  • Local announcement capability—personnel can unlock the local command station and make on-site announcements
  • Attention-getting LED Blue Light is included and mounted atop the unit
  • The LED Blue Light is continuously lit and flashes for duration of a call when EMERGENCY button is pressed to draw attention to the unit
  • Call Station faceplate is illuminated at all times by a LED Panel Light
  • Vandal-resistant structure and coating designed to resist extreme weather conditions
  • A variety of signage, graphics, and color choices are available
  • ADA-compliant