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WEBS® LED Tower – Talkaphone’s Latest Addition to the WEBS® Family

WEBS® LED Tower – Talkaphone’s Latest Addition to the WEBS® Family

Sep 21, 2009 | Post by Talkaphone

WEBS® LED TowerThe WEBS® LED Tower is the latest addition to the comprehensive array of Talkaphone’s WEBS® Mass Notification products, featuring highly visible LED illuminated signs that can display critical information relayed to them. Three LED displays are fitted into the WEBS® tower to dispatch custom messages and to enhance the visibility of emergency towers.

Once the emergency call button is pushed, the text automatically changes on the LED display, attracting attention to the scene and deterring possible perpetrators. Custom text messages can be relayed to a WEBS® LED tower remotely by the security personnel to alert those in the area of a mass notification event, reaching out to hearing impaired individuals among intended recipients.

Emergency LED signage allows the family of WEBS®-enabled devices to go a step further insuring the message delivery in emergency situations by utilizing both visual and audible sensory modalities. With addition of LED displays, augmented WEBS® Mass Notification towers can deliver the “right message, right people, real time”(TM).

Talkaphone’s Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (WEBS®) is a family of mass notification devices that can be integrated into a comprehensive emergency communications system, bringing security coverage to heretofore-neglected corners of a facility. The wide array of installation options makes WEBS® a valuable security instrument at college and corporate campuses, mass transit locations and parking facilities worldwide.

For more details visit the WEBS-MT/R-L3 LED Tower page.